How to Survive the Holidays when eating Keto!

How to survive the Holidays when eating Keto??

~It’s not about perfection, it’s about practicing making healthy choices as often as possible, and not judging yourself or anyone else about which sweet or savory treat may somehow find its way onto one’s plate.

~Decide now what your goal will be!  And if you decide to take a holiday from your healthy diet, what will your definition of splurge be? You may want to set your heart on very specific indulgences that will really be worth it, as opposed to having a free-for-all. If you establish very clear goals you’re more likely to stick to them than if you try to wing it.

~YOU’RE HUMAN, NOT PERFECT. This is perhaps the most important tip. Don’t beat yourself up if you go astray. Sugar is addictive. You spent much of your life enjoying sugary foods and you love them. You’re trying not to eat them, yet you are constantly bombarded with advertisements, social messages, and convenient carbohydrate-rich foods and drinks everywhere you go. It’s only natural that you’re going to be tempted. Don’t be too hard on yourself. Do the best you can as often as you can. The key is to return to your low-carb daily practice as soon as possible. You have made a commitment to your health.  With practice, it gets easier and easier to resist unhealthy foods, partly because you’ll find it takes a few days of sheer willpower to get back on track and you’ll get tired of the struggle. It’s a lot easier to stay on the horse than to keep climbing back up there.  
Remember a cheat meal doesn’t have to turn into a cheat day!

~Balance is key!  Be sure to start your day with your ketones and drink lots of water!  Try to get in some exercise in the morning.

~Give Intermittent Fasting a try.  Follow the 16/8 rule.

~Fill up on keto approved foods first and then indulge in sampler sized portions of the “cheat” foods.

~Limit your alcohol intake and sugary mixed drinks.

~Offer to bring a dish.  This way you know something is keto approved!

~Be aware of the sneaky sugars (bbq sauce is a big one) and refined carbohydrates (skip the buns)

~Eat with purpose.  Avoid mindless “junk” food snacking.  Take the time to fill a plate and sit down to eat.  Strike up a conversation while eating so you give yourself time to feel full.